When I was in second grade my grandmother gave me an old video camera. Instantly, I was mystified by the power of recording images and watching them back just seconds later. Everything from Christmas mornings to visits through the zoo became subjects for my lens to focus on. My first real short film came a little while after this obsession for filming everything around me and told the story of a tornado terrorizing a group of children. The production lacked and the acting was horrible, but it was not half bad for a seven year old. More importantly, it was the true beginning of my film career.

Sixteen years later and my interest in film has only grown. I recently graduated from the V.P.A. film program at Syracuse University, where I spent my time finding a voice and refining technical skills. Their philosophy in teaching students to become complete filmmakers has given me a solid background in cinematography, writing, and directing. 

I currently live in Los Angeles, where I am constantly working on new projects. 
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